Hypnobirthing Courses in Surrey

Giving Mothers the Support They Need in Godstone, Oxted, Redhill, Reigate and Horley for birth and beyond.

Welcome to Calm Mama Collective. Here at Calm Mama Collective I provide comprehensive antenatal education with hypnobirthing courses in Surrey. Providing antenatal classes in Coulsdon, Godstone, Oxted, Redhill, Reigate and Horley so that they look forward to the birth of their baby with excitement and confidence.

Giving birth should not be feared; my hypnobirthing courses in Surrey will help you look forward to your birth with confidence and excitement that your birth experience will be an empowering life event.


And NEW to late 2021 we have added Mindful Breastfeeding Classes to our antenatal sessions and have Postnatal Breastfeeding Support on an ad hoc arrangement. 

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Upcoming course dates:


January (recommended for Feb/March due dates)

7.30 - 10pm 

Thursday 6th January

Thursday 13th January

Thursday 20th January

Thursday 20th January


March(recommended for April/May due dates)

7.30 - 10pm 

Thursday 3rd March

Thursday 10th March

Thursday 17th March

Thursday 24th March


 May (recommended for June/July due dates)

7.30 - 10pm 

Thursday 5th May

Thursday 12th May

Thursday 19th May

Thursday 26th May


PLEASE NOTE: All courses are face to face in line with government guidance. Classes are held in Merstham, Redhill.

If you can not see a suitable course date listed please contact me and we can discuss your options




What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is an antenatal class that teaches you how the body is designed to work in labour. We will learn about how fear gets in the way of the birthing process and provide scientifically backed education that eradicates misconceptions surrounding childbirth and allows you to approach this huge life event in a calm and positive manner to raise the odds of positive birth experience.

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First-Hand Experience

I have first-hand knowledge of just how powerful hypnobirthing courses can be. After a more difficult birth with my first son I took hypnobirthing classes in the East Surrey area in preparation for my second birth. The knowledge and confidence I gained through hypnobirthing allowed me to have a completely different, positive, empowering experience giving birth to my second son. My aim is to enable my clients to have their own positive birth experiences! No person should have to feel fearful of such an exciting moment in their life and my hypnobirthing classes in Redhill and all of East Surrey will support you to look forward to birthing calmly, and confidently. 

Ongoing Support

Sometimes as birth approaches you may need some further reassurance or you may need to consider new information about your upcoming labour and delivery and I am there to help with any concerns you have through continuing email support. If your journey to birth should change after completing your hypnobirthing course then I will be there to support in your decision making processes and should you need to plan for an unexpected caesarean I am able to provide additional support for you to have a positive C-section experience. Birth is birth and all births can be positive with the right mindset, preparation and knowledge. 


I offer an opportunity for you and your partner to meet like-minded individuals for you to form friendships and build a support network to take you through into parenthood. My courses are grounded in an atmosphere of compassion. We treat each other as family. In our group hypnobirthing courses, I encourage the parents to be to swap phone numbers, form a whatsapp group and meet up outside of the class environment so that as your babies are born you have friends there to support you, and answer your pleas for sympathy when you are up in the night feeding your baby. 



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Contact: emma@calmmamacollective.co.uk or give me a call for a free chat about how hypnobirthing can help your birth on  07545171166