5 New Friends- Group Hypnobirthing Classes

On the 5th day of Christmas, Calm Mama gave to me…. 5 new friends!

Let’s talk about the important of friends in new parenthood. Becoming a new parent can be a lonely experience, being up several times through out the night and feeling like your friends without new babies don’t understand your new priorities can be a difficult thing to go through as a new parent. Many parents find the friends they make in their antenatal classes a priceless life line as they transition into parenthood. Having meet other families with babies due around the same time means you have solidarity in friends who are same point of sleepless nights and postpartum recovery. In your group classes with calm mama collective you will be in a group with a maximum of 5 more pregnant people and their birth partners, all due within roughy the same

month as you so you get opportunity to meet new parents with babies a very similar age to you but also with the same positive mindset going into birth. Here at Calm Mama Collective we don’t underestimate how important that connection is to your antenatal experience and we want all our mamas to find their collective so we really encourage lots of group conversations, the swapping of phone numbers and WhatsApp groups and a reunion after all your babies are born so give you the best chance of form some friendships to support you this next great adventure in your life.

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