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If you are a first or second, third, fourth-time mother who is worried about giving birth, get in touch with Calm Mama Collective. I provide hypnobirthing courses in Surrey that help women adopt a positive and calm birth. My antenatal classes enable women to combat fear and pain, laying the platform for a completely positive birthing experience. 

To receive hypnobirthing courses in Surrey that help you practice a calm birth, don’t hesitate to call Calm Mama Collective.

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Support for when you need it most

Sometimes as birth approaches you may need some further reassurance or you may need to consider new information about your upcoming labour
and delivery and I am there to help with any concerns you have





Hello, I’m Emma. I live in Merstham and teach hypnobirthing courses in Surrey at Calm Mama Collective.

Having started my career in academic Psychology and gaining a Masters degree in Applied Psychology whilst pregnant with my first-born, I came to the conclusion that being a psychologists within the NHS was not theright career path for me or my family. As I focused on raising a small human instead, my interest in the human mind took a backseat in favour of considering the pros and cons of different weaning methods and tackling challenges such as how to tie a baby sling around an already sleeping baby!

When I was pregnant with my second-born, I had a gut feeling that the birth could be different to the first one – which, although not a negative experience, was a confusing and chaotic birth. As a result, I took a hypnobirthing course in Surrey and realised that I had found my calling. Everything I had learned about the mind/body connection as a Psychology student clicked into place. It became clear that I needed to teach women – and their birth partners – about the incredible power that their mind has over their birthing body. Any woman, when armed with this knowledge, can have a calm, positive birth experience no matter the route their birth takes.

Thanks to taking a hypnobirthing course in Surrey, I experienced the most incredible birth. I am now passionate about teaching women how they can have a positive birth as well, no matter how their baby is born, whether it be in a birthing pool, at home, or via caesarean section.



I offer a number of courses: the Little Birth Company Complete Hypnobirthing Programme (available as a private session or group session); the three-hour Hypnobirthing Workshop; and the Positive Caesarean Workshop. Due to the current pandemic, all courses are done over Zoom.

My goal is to create a warm, safe and calm environment for new Mamas to thrive and find a friendly community in which to receive support and raise their babies. I will remain in touch and support you throughout your pregnancy. Getting together and sharing how we feel is the essence of what Calm Mama Collective is all about.


Hypnobirthing Courses in Surrey





Hypnobirthing Courses in Surrey


To receive hypnobirthing courses in Surrey that help you practice a calm birth, don’t hesitate to call Calm Mama Collective.