Alternative to vaginal examination – The Purple Line
purple line

What exactly is the purple line? The purple line is a dark line that sometimes appears between a woman’s buttocks and extends upwards along the center of her back. It’s thought to be caused by increased pressure in the pelvis as the baby gets ready for birth. The theory is that this line does not appear until a women is in active labour and the continues to extend further up the back as labour progresses.

A study on the purple line Researchers in Iran recently studied the purple line to see if it could be a useful way to predict how labour is progressing. They looked at 350 pregnant women who were in labour. The results were pretty interesting!

  • The Sign: The purple line showed up in about three-quarters of the women during the active phase of labour (when contractions get stronger and closer together).
  • Good Predictor: Its presence was a good indicator that labour was progressing normally.

What does this mean for me? While more research is needed, the purple line could be a helpful, simple way to track how things are going during your labour. It could reassure you that things are moving in the right direction, especially if you’re hoping to avoid too many internal exams.

Of course, it’s crucial to remember that every woman and every labour is different. The purple line might not appear for everyone, and its absence doesn’t mean there’s a problem.

The Takeaway If you notice the purple line appearing during labor, let your doctor or midwife know! They can consider it along with other signs to get a good picture of how your labour is going.

Important Note: The purple line is just one piece of the puzzle. Always listen to your body!

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