Second Time Mum


Baby Luca, born 20/10/18 at 07.08, weighing 7lb 9oz

With my first son I went into labour and delivery very unprepared for what I was about to do, I hadn’t learnt about how to breathe through contractions and as a result felt panicked most of the way through my labour, and ended up having a forceps delivery due to fetal distress.

This time round I was determined that I would go in to have my baby prepared, calm and excited. Having heard great stuff about hypnobirthing I took a Hypnobirthing course and knew that my labour and delivery was going to be a positive experience. 

Due to a health condition I have and my son being diagnosed antenatally with a kidney disorder we were recommended to have an induction. We weighed up our options in the way hypnobirthing had taught us to to make the best informed decision for us and our baby and agreed to an induction at 38+6.

I spent the two weeks leading up to my induction date practicing everything I had learnt in my hypnobirthing classes, had baths listening to the relaxation tracks and overall I felt calm and excited to meet my baby.

The day of induction we took our first born son off to preschool, kissed him goodbye and knew that the next time we would see him he would be a big brother! We weren’t due to check in to the hospital until the afternoon so I had a long shower, made myself feel pretty and then me and my fiancé went for lunch at one of our favourite restaurants and then a long walk over the Surrey Hills.

At 10pm a doctor came round and spoke to us and we discussed my wishes. Although I was accepting induction I was determined that it be as natural as possible.

I had a pessary put in around 11pm and then I settled down to get some rest, I woke up at 2am feeling some very slight cramping, got up and went to the toilet and then fell straight back to sleep. I woke up at 4am feeling the surges enough that I couldn’t sleep through them anymore, I had some monitoring during and that 30mins I went from gentle and sporadic surges that barely registered on the monitor to regular powerful surges that I was finding difficult to cope with whilst laying down on my back to be on the monitor.

At 5am when I came off the monitor I asked my fiancé to put the tens machine on my back and I put my headphones in with my positive affirmations playing and that was it, I was in my zone. 

Over the next hour I concentrated on my relaxing breath and birth breathing and listened to positive affirmations on repeat. I wasn’t even consciously listening to the words but the calming music and the familiarly of my instructors voice was soothing and centring for me. I found the most comfortable position for me was standing at the side of my bed and leaning on it with my head resting on my arms and rocking my hips from side to side.

An hour later, at 6am the contractions were powerful, lasting a minute and were 1-2 mins apart and I wanted my space, private birthing space to labour in! My learning from my classes empowered me to advocate for myself that I needed checking so I could move to the birth centre. So by 6.40am we were gathering our stuff together and a wheelchair arrived to swoop me round to the birthing suite.

I arrived in Meadow Suite at around 06.55 and was told to go into the en suite and use the toilet whilst the midwives had a handover of information. I came out of the toilet to find my fiancé had set the room up with our tea-lights, was trying to get our speakers to work, the lights were low and the birthing pool was running. I was thrilled and felt my oxytocin flowing and with the next surge I felt my body change and move into the expulsive stage of labour. 

The midwife from the antenatal ward was midway through explaining how I only just gone into established labour in the last half an hour and was just about 4cm and my lovely birthing suite midwife said well let’s get a sterile pack and a mat under her knees because this baby is coming now. 3 minutes later my waters broke and a minute after that my baby was born! On my notes my second stage of labour is officially listed as 4 minutes and it was the most incredible thing I have ever felt.

My body just completely took over and I did not once actively try to push, my body was just doing it. I tried to concentrate on my breathing and felt him move down my birth canal, and at the moment I felt him twist round into the optimum position I remember very clearly thinking ‘THIS IS THE BEST, MOST AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE THING I HAVE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE’ and then there he was being passed up between my legs and into my arms. 

Despite such a speedy birth I was left with just a tiny 1st degree tear that didn’t need stitching and felt incredible. We spent the next 12 hours snuggling in our birthing suite room getting to know our new son before going home to our own bed that night. The only thing I wish would have been different is  I wish I had gotten to my room 30 mins earlier because he was born so quickly after I got to the birthing suite that my pool wasn't full enough for me to get into and I really want to know how the pool feels!