Second Time Mum

Baby George, born 23/09/2020 at 05.15, weighing 7lb 15oz

We are both safe & well. It was an 8 hour labour , I got to 5cm dilated at home and when I went into hospital they were impressed with how well I had been doing as I was so calm and just breathing through the contractions. I chose to have an epidural which mainly took the edge off the later contractions but I could still feel them right up to the pushing.

There was such a calm and happy atmosphere in the room and we had your soothing relaxation music on and one of the staff said how nice it was. I pushed William around the corner of the birth canal but they wanted to get him out quickly because he was getting tired so I had an episiotomy & forceps just to help at the end. It was all very calm.

The staff asked me if I wanted to watch the baby’s head come out which was amazing & I cried with delight! When they put William on me they were excited as they knew I didn't know the sex so they told me to turn him over and see! I did skin to skin & delayed cord clamping, Paul cut the cord & we had a look at the placenta!

I'm making sure I continue to listen to the hypnobirthing relaxation and to enjoy every moment with William and take one day at a time. 

I think all the lessons you learn through hypnobirthing are so important to transfer into everyday life and postnatally too.

Thank you for all your help, we really enjoyed doing the course together to focus on this baby.