At Calm Mama Collective I support all ways and manners of giving birth and I support all ways and approaching to feeding your baby. However, research shows that the majority of new mums want to or plan to breastfeed but ultimate stop feeding much earlier than they hoped. The most common cause of stopping feeding earlier than planned is difficulties feeding in the first few weeks of your babies life.

Much like birth, breastfeeding is something you can prepare for, both physically and mentally and having the right antenatal education about breastfeeding can have a big impact on how feeding goes in the early days.

That is where Breastfeeding Support with the Calm Mama Collective comes in. All couples doing an antenatal course with me are offered the opportunity to do an addtional 5th antenatal class with a sole focus on breastfeeding education and preparation. This is a 2 hour workshop that covers how breastfeeding works, tips and tricks for a helping your baby latch well (hugely reducing any discomfort felt), managing expectations of breastfeeding, how to know your baby is drinking enough, when and where to seek support postnatally and a range of Mindful Breastfeeding Techniques such as relaxation and breathing techniques which have been proven to increase success rates in breastfeeding. This additional workshop is at a cost of £50 per couple who have done a Calm Mama Hypnobirthing Course or £75 for parents to be who have not joined a hypnobirthing course.

These sessions are held on the 1st weekend of each month, please get in touch to find details of upcoming sessions.


Additionally, postnatal support in the early days of breastfeeding can be vital to a new mum continuing her breastfeeding journey. I am a qualified Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner/Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and as such I am available to come and visit you postnatally to help with any issues you are experiencing with your feeding. A postnatal visit is £30 per hour for as many hours or as many visits that you want or need.

Ensuring that new parents have the support and guidance they need in the early days of parenthood is really important to me so I provide home postnatal breastfeeding support visits where we can look at latch, positioning and reassurance. I can then signpost you onto lactaction consultants if I feel you need more specialised expert assistance for issues such as tongue tie or low milk supply. But the great news is the majority of breastfeeding worries and issues can be resolved or improved with just one postnatal visit from a peer supporter such as myself. 



£50 workshop for Calm Mama Hypnobirthing Clients
£75 workshop for new clients
£30 per hour for postnatal breastfeeding support visits.

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For postnatal visits please get in touch directly with or call 07545171166 so I can ensure I fit you in as soon as possible

You Will Learn: 

  • How breast produce milks
  • How a mother's hormones influences milk production and how to assist this
  • How to get a good latch
  • How to check your baby is getting enough milk

  • Common early difficulties and how to help
  • When to seek postnatal support and where to find it
  • How to use mindfulness and relaxation to increase milk supply and breastfeeding comfort
  • To feel confident that you will feed your baby in the way you want



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