If you feel more comfortable having a one-to-one course, this hypnobirthing course in Surrey is perfect for you. In total, the course last eight hours, with Mamas having the choice of either four two-hour sessions or two four-hour sessions from the comfort of their own home. This antenatal class will support and prepare you regardless of where or how you give birth, being 1 on 1 I am able to tailor to the course to address any particular concerns or worries you may have.

During the course, I hope to build a real relationship with you and your birth partner, gaining an understanding of what helps you relax.  

It will support you to keep calm and relaxed, to breathe and to 'enjoy' your birth. It will give you the knowledge and confidence and it will support you through the intensity of the surges and give you the confidence to make decisions.

Hypnobirthing doesn't promise you a 'perfect' birth but it definitely stacks the odds in your favour of having the birth you would like. The fab thing is even when the journey to birth changes which on occasion it can do, Hypnobirthing can support you to stay calm and to have a positive experience!

The tools and techniques you will learn on a course are hugely beneficial for mums to be, birth partners and babies! The relaxation techniques you learn will support you through birth and into parenthood. Once the course is over, I will be available via email for the remainder of your pregnancy to provide additional support if needed.


Price £395


You Will Learn: 

  • The basic physiology of birth and how you body is perfectly designed to birth your baby 
  • The positive belief that giving birth is the most wonderful experience for a woman and her birth partner
  • To look forward, optimistically, to a gentle, safe, calm, comfortable and stress free birth
  • How to release any fears that may be associated with childbirth and avoid the ‘fear, tension, pain syndrome’
  • How to relax deeply and quickly using the breathing techniques, visualisations and MP3’s.

  • How to trust your body to work naturally and in harmony with your baby
  • How to prepare a birth plan so that you can be informed and in control of your birth
  • The knowledge and power to navigate birth should you require intervention or assistance
  • Positions to help you birth your baby more easily and comfortably
  • Breathing techniques that work with your body to maximise your body’s natural expulsive reflex to support a more gentle birth. 
  • How to promote the production of your birthing hormones

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To book hypnobirthing courses in Surrey, West Sussex and South, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Calm Mama Collective.

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