More about birth

If you are interested in taking hypnobirthing courses in East Surrey then there is lots of great additional information here that can help you move towards a positive birth.


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A message to those trying to conceive

Researching hypnobirthing whilst trying to conceive? Then this is a message of support for you  more  

What do I need in my birth environment?

What things can I use to have a lovely birth environment for hypnobirthing?  more  

The 2nd stage of labour - why you don't need to 'push'

Did you know you don't need to actively push to birth your baby? The second stage of labour  more  

Due dates - is pregnancy really 9 months long?

How long does pregnancy last? How is a pregnancy 9 months long? When will my baby born?  more  

1st Stage of Labour - aka Active Labour

What is 'active' labour or the '1st stage of labour'? What are the Calm Mama top tips for the 1st stage of labour?  more  

What do you get with a Calm Mama Collective Hypnobirthing Class

What extra's do you get with a Calm Mama Collective Hypnobirthing to support your birth?  more  

Early labour

What is early labour? How long does early labour last? Top tips for early labour  more  

5 new friends- group hypnobirthing classes

What are the benefits of doing a group hypnobirthing class? Making new like minded friends!  more  

4cm Dilated - Vaginal Examinations

How do you tell you are in active labour? Do you need a vaginal examination to know whether you are 4cm dilated?  more  

The 3 Stages of Labour

What are the 3 different stages of labour, how does hypnobirthing assist with each stage of labour?  more