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If you are interested in taking hypnobirthing courses in East Surrey then there is lots of great additional information here that can help you move towards a positive birth.


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4cm Dilated - Vaginal Examinations

How do you tell you are in active labour? Do you need a vaginal examination to know whether you are 4cm dilated?  more  

The 3 Stages of Labour

What are the 3 different stages of labour, how does hypnobirthing assist with each stage of labour?  more  

Can I use hypnobirthing for a twin or multiples birth?

Can you do hypnobirthing with a twins or multiples pregnancy? Absolutely! Hypnobirthing is for every birth!   more  

The 'Golden Hour' After Birth

What is the Golden Hour after birth? What are the benefits of the Golden Hour  more  

Free online hypnobirthing Taster session

Free online hypnobirthing session based in Surrey  more  

Hypnobirthing Taster Session

Hypnobirthing Taster Session  more  

Consider your birth choices

Your birth choices available to your in labour and delivery. Free downloadable worksheet  more  

Celebrities who used hypnobirthing

As hypnobirthing becomes more popular more and more celebrities are turning to hypnobirthing for their births and love sharing all about it.  more