On the 4th day of Christmas Calm Mama gave to me .... 4cm of cervical dilation
‘4cm’ is often quoted as the beginning of ‘active labour’ this being the point that if you are choosing a hospital or midwife led unit birth you would be able to be admitted to your chosen birth place. In order to be judged as 4cm dilated that requires a vaginal examination. However, a sometimes unknown fact is that vaginal examinations are not compulsory and in our hypnobirthing classes we discuss the risks and benefits of having a VE (vaginal examination) But wait! If I chose to decline a VE how will my midwife be able to tell I’m in active labour so I can continue my labour in my chosen birth place. Well here are more ways of judging whether a labouring person is in active labour:
-no longer being able to talk during contractions
-having three contractions in the space of 10 minutes each lasting 1 minute
-lower legs up to knee being cold to the touch