On the second day of Christmas, Calm Mama gave to me .... 2 BABIES!

Around 1 in 65 births are a multiple pregnancy, with around 12,000 sets of twins being born each year. For many parent’s this is a very exciting but daunting time. Putting the idea of raising two babies at the same time aside there are complications in pregnancy and birth to consider.

According to the NHS guidelines with a twins pregnancy you will probably be recommended to give birth in a hospital setting due to the increased chance of complications in a twin birth. Lots of women think that having twins means they will have to have a caesarean section, however, more than 40% of twin births are vaginal, and the odds of this increase if the first baby is head down. There are various different reasons why a caesarean birth might be recommended for your twins birth such as the first baby being breech or transverse, you having a low lying placenta or the twins sharing a placenta. It is also possible to delivery the first twin vaginally but then requiring a caesarean section to deliver the second twin.

For the reason that this many parents to be expecting twins will assume that they can not use hypnobirthing to help with the birth of their babies. This could not be more from the truth! 

if anything hypnobirthing is going to be hugely beneficial to any birthing person who has an increased chance of experiencing a more complicated birth such as someone having a multiplies pregnancy. Hypnobirthing classes with Calm Mama Collective will help parents to be to navigate the decision making processes involved in pregnancy and birth. Even if you decide that a caesarean section is the right path for you birth then hypnobirthing is still there to support you in your birth, either through the full hypnobirthing course or through my positive caesarean section specific 3 hour workshop which guides parents through the caesarean section process, what happens in the surgery itself and lots of helpful techniques and relaxations to keep you calm and relaxed through out so the process of having an operation is an enjoyable and positive birth experience. 

Hypnobirthing is for all births!