On the 12th day of Christmas Calm Mama gave to me … 12 months of trying to conceive 


Now this might be a bit off brand but I know personally I discovered hypnobirthing whilst I was trying to conceive so this here is a message to anyone who comes across this 12 days of hypnobirthing Calm Mama Christmas but isn’t pregnant yet.

To take up to 12 months to fall pregnant is considered normal. But those 12 months are hard, when you want and dream of something so badly and you see all around you, it is hard to bear. And when you tip over that 12 month mark and you move into the infertility realm like I did just a few years ago, it becomes even harder to bear. But many people TTC people do use instagram to look at pregnancy and birth content so if you come across this whilst waiting for your positive pregnancy test, please be kind to yourself, don’t torture yourself with bumps and babies everywhere but take on more the messages of positivity and strength and relaxation. Your time will come one way or another.