In our classes at the Calm Mama Collective we spend a lot of time talking about writing your birth plan and discussing the options available to you during your birth.

If you have been in one of my classes you will know, my big message to all of my parent's-to-be is: 'Your body, your choice.'

There is a tendency in us all, when faced with a figure of authority or expertise, such as a doctor or midwife, to accept them as the expert and just agree to what they tell us. And of course, they are highly trained and hugely knowledgable but at the end of the day, every decision, and I mean, every decision, is in the hands of the mother to be.

As such, we talk a lot in our sessions about the importance of approaching labour with as much well researched and informed knowledge as possible so that when you are faced with a decision in labour it is an outcome you have already researched and done the first steps of decision making, having learnt about the risks and benefits of most possible decision you could be faced with.

This can seem like quite a daunting task, so to help parents to be, I have created a free downloadable PDF worksheet for you do fill out as you do your research, to guide you in what subjects to look up and where to find reliable, evidenced based information. 

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Consider Your Birth Choices

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