Incredible natural pain relief for labour – comb for labour pain
using a comb for natural pain relief for labour

Combating Contractions: Can a Comb really provide natural pain relief for Labor?

Labor pain. It’s something most pregnant women think about, hoping for ways to manage it effectively. Whilst medical drug based options are available, many women hope to use more natural alternatives for a more hollistic approach with natural pain relief for labour.

Even for women who do plan to use medical pain relief the reality is, these options are only available in the hospiral setting once in active labour so it is really important for everyone to have an arsenal of natural pain relief for labour options available to them to use at home whilst in early labour. Enter the surprising (and simple) hack: using a comb!

How it Works: The Science

There are two main theories behind the comb’s potential effectiveness:

  • The Gate Control Theory: This theory suggests the brain can only focus on a certain amount of sensory information at once. By squeezing the comb’s teeth into your palm during a contraction, the intense pressure sends signals to your brain that compete with the pain signals from your uterus. Essentially, it creates a distraction, lessening the perceived intensity of the contraction.

  • Acupressure: The Laogong acupressure point is located at the base of your middle finger in your palm. When you grip the comb, the teeth apply pressure to this point, which some believe can help reduce inflammation and ease anxiety – both helpful during labor.

Research and Evidence

While there’s no large-scale scientific study on the comb technique specifically, research supports the underlying theories. Studies have shown that acupressure can be effective in managing labour pain, although its effectiveness may vary. The Gate Control Theory is a well-established concept used in various pain management techniques, including TENS units (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation).

How to Use a Comb During Labor

Here’s how to give the comb trick a try:

  1. Choose a comfortable comb – a wide-tooth comb might be easier to grip.
  2. As you feel a contraction coming on, firmly grasp the comb handle in your palm, with the teeth pressing into the base of your fingers.
  3. Squeeze the comb tightly throughout the contraction.
  4. Relax your grip as the contraction subsides.

It’s All About Options – medical vs natural pain relief for labour

Labour is a unique experience for every woman. While an epidural might be the right choice for some, others may prefer a more natural approach. Regardless of the approach a women is planning the pharmaceutical options are not available unless in active labour and in hospital setting so having tools to use at home in the early stages of labour can play an important role in a women remaining relaxed and calm in early labour, preventing stress and adrenaline from stalling the progression of labour. There are severla different approaches you could use naturally at home to support this.

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using a comb for natural pain relief for labour

There are lots birth specific combs on the market that you could use such as The Wave Combor a simple cheap £2 plastic comb from boots will do the exact same job.

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