Giving Mothers the Support They Need

Welcome to Calm Mama Collective. My aim is to educate pregnant women with hypnobirthing courses in Surrey, providing antenatal classes that help to facilitate a positive, relaxed perception of birth. Giving birth should not be feared; my hypnobirthing courses in Surrey help women make their birth experience an empowering life event.




PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, all courses will take place via Zoom Meeting until further notice.





What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a form of childbirth education that develops an understanding of how the body is designed to work in labour. We will learn about how fear interrupts the birthing process and provide scientifically backed education that eradicates misconceptions surrounding childbirth and allows you approach the event in a calm and positive manner.








First-Hand Experience

I have first-hand knowledge of just how powerful hypnobirthing courses in Surrey can be. Following a challenging first birth, I received hypnobirthing education in preparation for my second-born and the birth was a completely different positive experience. My aim is to ensure that others have the same experience!

Ongoing Support

Sometimes as birth approaches you may need some further reassurance or you may need to consider new information about your upcoming labour and delivery and I am there to help with any concerns you have


I offer an opportunity for you and your partner to meet like minded individuals who are experiencing or have experienced a hypnobirthing. My courses are grounded in an atmosphere of compassion. We treat each other as family. 




To book hypnobirthing courses in Surrey, West Sussex and South, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Calm Mama Collective.