What Do I Need In My Birth Environment?

What things can I use to have a lovely birth environment for hypnobirthing?

On the 11th day of Christmas Calm Mama gave to me …. 11 tea lights

Tealights? Well, today, the 11th day is all about birth environments and the key to dreamy, oxytocin filled birth environments is feeling cozy and warm and safe.

When I talk to my clients about their setting up their birth environment during our hypnobirthing sessions I get them to imagine their ideal, cosy evening in and often they conjure up images of favourite film, favourite takeaway, (sometimes a glass of wine but that isn’t too encouraged during labour), the big light turned up and swapped from warm lamps and candles, a fluffy blanket, cosy pjs and a cuddle with their partner. Well that environment is also the perfect birth environment because if that is where you feel most happy and safe then that is how you need to feel whilst in labour to keep the correct balance of the birthing hormones flowing! 

So in my must-have cosy birth environment list:

-comfy clothes

-warm blanket

-warm socks

-favourite comedy or show or favourite music

-relaxation MP3 tracks (like you receive on my course)

-lots of drinks and tasty snacks

-and lots of LED battery operated tea lights!

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