What Do You Get With A Calm Mama Collective Hypnobirthing Class

What extra’s do you get with a Calm Mama Collective Hypnobirthing to support your birth?

On the 7th day of Christmas Calm Mama gave to me…. 7 MP3s!

So you have booked your hypnobirthing class, now what? Obviously you will have your actual hypnobirthing classes with me but what else do you get with your investment in your birth?

Well you get:

-7 hypnobirthing relaxation track MP3s which will give you lots to practice and enjoy during your pregnancy and birth itself 

-A full manual recapping all the information we have covered during your hypnobirthing classes so you can re-read anything you need to remind yourself afterwards

-A long list of positive birth affirmations 

-A mediation pebble (it will make sense when we come to use it I promise)

-a birth plan template 

-worksheets to help you make the decisions you need to make with your birth plan

-a postnatal planner to help you plan for life and recovery after birth

-aromatherapy for birth guide

-support from me until baby is born

-my knowledge of local resources and services

And few little extra freebies 

Join hypnobirthing courses in Surrey that help you practice a calm birth

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