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What the course covers

This antenatal class is not a masterclass in changing nappies and sleep schedules. There are plenty of places to find all that information, and believe me, much of it is instinct and guesswork as you get to know your new baby.

This antenatal class is all about preparing you for birth! Up to 45% of new mothers have reported experiencing birth trauma, and the evidence is that this trauma has very little to do with the actual experience of the mother, but how she felt during that experience. That means that birth trauma has very little to do with whether that birth was a c-section, a ’straight forward’ physiology birth or a birth in the sea surrounded by dolphins! The experience of birth for a woman has everything to do with how prepared she felt for birth, how well she understood her options and how she was treated during her birth. The whole aim of this antenatal course is that you head into birth armed with knowledge and the power that knowledge brings so that you have the best odds of having a really positive experience of birth, no matter what that birth looks like.

Antenatal Classes in Reigate

Our antenatal class in Reigate has the one true aim of making sure as many pregnant people and their partners go into labour fully understanding what is going to be happening in their bodies, what their options and rights are and actually how they can help their bodies birth their baby, all whilst feeling calm and empowered.

What we cover during a Calm Mama Collective Hypnobirthing Class

Unlike a ‘traditional’ antenatal class such as an NCT course we spend all 10 hours of the course focusing on birth.

Session 1

This first session is all about what happens in the body during birth. We talk uterus’s, nervous systems, muscles, cervical changes, the hormones of birth, our own pain relieving hormones (and how to maximise these), massage and breathing techniques.

Session 2:

Now we know how the body works during labour we focus on how we can make the most of it, we talk about preparing our minds and bodies for birth. We cover relaxation, positive affirmations and how these aren’t just a cringey woo woo thing but are backed by psychology, reducing tearing and getting our babies in the right position for birth.

Session 3:

Now you know how to prepare we are going to talk about planning for birth. Understanding all your options for birth before being in labour is a really easy practical way to make your birth positive. You wouldn’t walk into your wedding day, your driving test, a holiday without planning and preparing so why walk into birth without a bit of foreward planning. We will talk all about your options for where to give birth, your pain relief options, different interventions in birth and how to reduce your chance to needing them and really importantly how you can make all these decisions for yourself!

Session 4:

We are going to talk through the timeline of birth, we go through the different stages of labour and what tools and techniques you have to hand to use during each stage as well as really making due that birth partners know exactly how they can best support their partner during labour and birth. As well as all that, you have two pre-recorded online sessions, one on preparing for a C-Section and one on early post partum life.

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July Course

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